You   only          become     a


If         you


yourself        a

                                            v   i    c   t   i    m.

o what are you waiting for? Stand and fight.
Closed RP -Field of Flowers- // canariae



     Letting out a little giggle the blacksmith walked towards a large field of flowers that was filled with a variety of different colorful buds that bloomed beautifully. Azure eyes searched out for certain types as the brunette carefully tread through, making sure not to damage any of the plants.


     ”Oh… Someone else is here?”

     Noticing a girl with golden strands sitting not too far Raine decided to try and approach the other. Making sure not to frighten the girl she said something from a distance away to give warning.


Her voice was a soft lull of quiet humming; familiar melody grasping at the vocal cords and in her heart. Of the quiet to be broken by her melody, she became the bird in which sung to greet the rising sun.

Fingers twisted in the stem of wild flower bequeathed, edging along a wire’s edge and grasping so delicately at that circular shape. She was creating a flower crown. Blooms carried betwixt both teeth had the sensation of tickling, petals brushed against her nose from the breeze which spun past — and she giggled herself.

With almost a knowing glance, the senses of hers could catch even the beating heart of another, ever so close — and growing closer. Feet against the laden field of grass, gently to trample. She simply knew and with that affirmation set in, the voice came to follow with the gracing smile and nod of her head as affirmation.

Yes, I see you there.

It was of several more moments to pass before she found the voice to speak with, nudging flowers from out of her mouth and ever so carefully edging her unfinished arrangement onto the ground for her to release her grasp. She turned to the other, and welcomed so genuinely.

"Good morning."

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So young

         and yet

                    you carry so much burden.



I  { never }  really lived for myself 

                      I was just [ living ] for everyone  

                                    E L S E



Tuxedo Mask: Dramatic Entrances

this man

this beautiful man



                    "Congratulations on your marriage, your Nation thanks you."

PLOT IDEA: Nearly one hundred years ago an invisible murderer swept across the nation killing all those in its wake. It cared not of your skin, gender or age it’s only cared to burn your body from the inside out. It was a plague that snatched children from parent’s tight holds and lovers from firmly clasped hands with no remorse. It took ten years for the virus to run its course and die out before the nation could rebuild the number that they once had before the plague came. To ensure that they would become the once prosperous nation they once were the remaining leaders created a set of new laws that bind their citizens to bettering the entire nation.

When each citizen reaches the prime age of eighteen they are contracted in marriage to another individual who will heritability benefit the growth of the country. The female’s after being paired would travel on Contract Day to their husband’s birth city to live with him in a home that was provide to the couple by the government. The male’s would stay in their birth city but, move out of their parent’s home and into a home that was provided to them. In some cases, the couple was transported to another state where they were more needed.

Each couple would then produce at least four children and if they were to produce more the government would compensate them for their bountifulness. If a couple could not produce the quota, they were subjected to punishment by the government. This punishment varied from each person but, they were typically never heard from again. If a spouse dies, a new one would be assign to the widow and the family would be relocated, if their quota has not already been met. It was rare but, not unheard of for such a thing to happen. 

In the year 2133 it is time for Muse A to meet their spouse Muse B on Contract Day. As soon as they sign their contracts they will receive a packet on their spouse, information on their vocation, keys to their new home and a if they are a female a ticket for the train to their new home town. All the classes and schooling they’ve taken has led up to this day. Now, all that’s left is to actually meet and begin their lives.


Friend: You can order whatever you want





  「 ⚔ 

                      And cue the eyebrow raise.


                     “And why the hell are you comin’ to me?

"I’m sorry. I’ve heard really good things about you, so I just hoped…."

That was perhaps an excuse. She had to be more forceful then, explain why she needs the help of an alchemist, him specifically.

"I’m sorry. May I introduce myself? My name is Colette Brunel, and I come from the town of Iselia. A … place not on any of these maps. Maybe I’m not even on the right world anymore…"

She was … hopelessly lost.

"A— An alchemist is like a kind of scientist, right? We don’t have any from where I’m from. So I imagine… If I need to find a way to return home, the best way would be to ask one for help. I’m sorry…"

She was laughing, gently. Almost as if at herselr.

"This is sounding really silly, isn’t it?"